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2018 County Convention

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March 24, 2018

The Linn County Convention shall be held at Kirkwood Regional Center of Linn County, 1770 Boyson Road, Hiawatha, Iowa, 52233, convening at 9:00 AM on Saturday, March 24, 2018. Registration will begin at 8:00 AM, continuing until the Credentials Committee retires to prepare its report to the Convention.

Please follow this link for Delegates and Alternates to make lunch selection, accommodation requests, and prepay Delegate, lunch, and advertiser fees.
Registration Form and Payment Links

You can download a pdf copy of the official convention call, including REQUEST FOR ACCOMMODATION FORM by clicking:
2018Convention Call Document

You can download a Complete pdf copy of the Convention Booklet by clicking:
2018 Convention Booklet

You can download a Large Print pdf copy of the Convention Booklet by clicking:
2018 Convention Booklet LARGE PRINT


The Convention will be held for the purpose of:
1. Electing Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the First District Convention, who shall also serve as Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the State Convention .
2. Electing members of the Committees for the First District Convention. (Arrangements, Credentials, Platform, Rules and Nominations)
3. Electing a Linn County Affirmative Action Chairperson.
4. Approving and adopting Linn County Platform Resolutions.
5. Transacting such other Democratic Party Business as may come before said Convention.

Delegate & Lunch fees:

At no stage of Iowa’s delegate selection process shall any person be required, directly or indirectly, to pay a cost or fee as a condition for participating. Voluntary contributions to the Party may be made, but under no circumstances shall a contribution be mandatory for participation. The Cost of Lunch is not a part of the Delegate Fee. However, we do provide a lunch only option for Alternates, Observers, Youth Delegates, Campaign Staff, and others who are not required to pay a Delegate Fee at this time:


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